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Just want to drop a note to follow up from our event a couple weeks back.


                                 Gulf Coast Austin Healey Crawfish Cook Off:


I arrived early to make sure everything was in place and help if need be, stepped up to the Bar and a young lad name was Kyle introduce himself that he would be helping out, went over the program and H’ourdovres  trays and what would work for our group.. Little later Huy stopped by introduced himself with  finished up on how we would serve and best way to feed all.. Huy served his mom famous Egg rolls for us a tasty treat while sipping on cold beverage Danyale keep us flowing in ice cold beer..


Looks like we had a showing of 35 plus &  7 children with 10 British classics outside with nice beverages inside , On the back covered porch the cooks were brewing a storm… Leo and Huy were getting our crawfish in order to be cooked up and seasoned , while cars and personal were arriving,  with all the great help behind the scenes with Athena and Dorothy making their magic happen in the kitchen with Kyle & Huy manning the ship.  Leo was hauling the cooked crawfish to the kitchen. While H’ourdovres being served to our group for appetizers . 


While the cooked crawfish was getting  ready with the corn & red potatoes & sausage . Smiling faces as Kyle & Huy  started to bring out the Fixings along with Huy special sauce that everybody raved about.


What a fantastic time and hats off to all of the crew… The Draft is hidden secret in Kingwood. Great service from all of your team members. If I have missed anybody please take time to let them know we do appreciate all the hard work that all of you employees have assembled for a success event. Please take time to review your successive team at work on our website below.


Cheers… Keep up the great work ..  


Vince Barnell

Gulf Coast Austin Healey Club

Houston Texas