Hello fellow Gulf Coast Healey-ists! Many of you know me, Rick Doig, and my wife, Terry.  Others who don’t I’d like to take a moment to introduce us.  Last month at the breakfast meeting I was nominated AND elected to the position of president of the Gulf Coast Healey Club.  It was a whirlwind campaign, conducted with several calls back and forth to Vlad Putin between the mimosa and the Denver omelet, but I was able to prevail by the time the breakfast checks were presented!  I want to take a moment to thank the outgoing president, Terry Swonke and his bride, Debbie, for their dedication to the club and the numerous events that they presided over the past few years.  

My involvement with the Healey marque began way back in 1965 when my dad brought home a 1960 Bugeye Sprite for my brother to use in his high school years.  After he graduated I inherited the use of the little blue car for my junior and senior years of high school in Houston Texas. I even fabricated a surfboard rack for the car to carry my 9 ½ foot long board down to Surfside and Galveston.  It was funny to see a car carrying a board that was only a couple feet shorter than the board, down the Gulf Freeway!!  Fast forward to 1995…when I found a Bugeye in a local Houston junkyard for $600.  I bought it, started restoring it, and discovered it had belonged to the son of a man who had been very involved in local SCCA racing, Lenny Magill.  Through contacting Lenny, he got me in touch with Roger Williams, who introduced me to the Gulf Coast Healy Club family.  I received a lot of help from club members in the restoration of my Bugeye (Lil’ Brit) which I finished in 1996.  I even dabbled in vintage auto racing with Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing for 5 or 6 years, campaigning a couple of “square body” Sprites.  Although my racing days are over, I thoroughly enjoy the meetings and events that our club puts on and are involved in each year!  At the breakfast meeting this Saturday I would like to start to flesh out a calendar of meetings and events that I hope will inspire our club members to want to be involved in and attend.  To that end, please attend the breakfast meeting (Mike Johnson emailed the location and directions) with any thoughts or ideas for events, shows, drives, etc. that you might feel would be enjoyed by your fellow Healy Club brothers and sisters!  Thanks, and see you at the meeting!!    Rick